Cohen v Swirling
Case 1:17-cv-09019
Most sites won't show the settlement statement

The statement was personally negotiated by a federal court judge in a court supervised settlement conference process to avoid coercion.

Tortious Interference

In addition to the on the record statement clearing up the defamnation, Robyn needed to stop the tortious intereference of my participation in professional spaces like conferences.

She didn't want to be bound by a non-disparagement orht other leagal instrument, and asked that she be taken at her word, along with immediate action to send letters to the two conferences she intefered, stating she would not interfere.

These emails were sent by Robyn's legal counsel to nine as proof they were sent.

To Eric Thut, Executive Director of Netroots Nation
To Sara Beth Mueller, Director of Rootscamp, Wellstone

Most free searches will not show Robyn's statement.

Most free searches that will list the lawsuit will only show the metadata. It will show the filenames and metadata for the filings, legal process and completion, but not the content of the documents. In order to see that, payment or signing up for a serviec is required, which most people don't do. See this example

False accusations were used to retaliate against a gay male for challenging homophobic policies

In September of 2016, I challenged the way Robyn was using power on a google group because I beleive it to be homophobic, and was unruly and disobedient within the norms the political activism community.

Aiding, abetting, inciting or coercing others to discriminate

For the next year, these individuals retalilated against me with false accusations that let them dehumanize me and operate witha wanton disregard for my side of the story or my well-being. They used their digital organizing skills to use crafted language to incite others to participate.

Defamation, Tortious Interference and Emotional Distress

Their unjust actions crossed the line into reckless endangerment, and sabotaged two employment opportunities. According to community norms, either was worth $500k in lost earnings over time.

Coercion and Provoking a Lawsuit

They took these actions with the full knowledge that their actions would result in legal action. I told them so in September of 2016. They were trying to coerce me into a false confession and to support changing OSDI from a democracy to a dictatorship, or provoke a lawsuit.

Now they are using the occurrence of the lawsuit to poison my access to gainful employment.

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